We are honored to carry all authentic Faberge products.  All Faberge
items come new with certificates and in the original packaging.  We ship
free in the continental U.S. and offer discounts for repeat customers.
As a side note, please beware of sites that offer 'Faberge-style', 'Faberge-quality', and 'Faberge
reproductions'.  There is only one authentic Faberge.  If you are looking at products that don't
come with signed certificates, and in the distinctive packaging -- they aren't Faberge and won't
hold their value over time.
Petite Limoges Eggs
Petite Golden Birthday Egg
Petite Limoges Heart Surprise Egg
Petite Limoges Polar Bear Surprise Egg
Crystal Eggs
Musical Eggs
Hand-carved Crystal Eggs
Imperial Clover Musical Egg
Imperial Steel Military Egg
Imperial Cheese Spreaders
Wine/Bottle Toppers
Nearly Two Dozen Patented Wine Toppers for all bottle sizes
Gold-plated Imperial Egg Salt and Pepper Grinders
Imperial Swan Egg
Imperial Egg Place Card Holders
Various exquisite egg collections
St. Petersberg Crystal Eggs - Bride and Groom (a cake topper!?)
Imperial Spring Flowers Egg
Laurel Gemstone Eggs
If you don't see what you are looking for please call us at:
1.866.EXQUSIT (ext. 701)

All of our merchandise can be returned for full refund if you are not completely
satisfied.  Check our policy page for additional information.
All of our new items come with the original manufacturers warranty.
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Sisyphus Group, LLC.  
Authentic Faberge
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