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Items for Repair
Reuge Singing Bird in Antiqued Cage - New
(we have redesigned the website -- but it's the same Exquisite! company you have known for more than a decade.  enjoy!)
photo courtesy of brady's clock repair (see links)
Many of you reach out to us to get
recommendations for qualified and reputable
repairers.  We know most of the folks who work
in this niche and will put you in contact with them.

We would always enjoy a conversation with you
first if you are looking to do a repair.  Please call
us at 1.866.EXQUSIT (ext. 701), or send your
photos and questions to:   
1.   Most repairers would like to see a photograph of the inside and outside of your box or
cage before they'll be able to quote the work.  If you are in any way uncomfortable opening
the mechanism -- THEN DON'T!

2. Thankfully most often the bird stops singing because the bellows has failed -- This is
repairable but only by an expert with the proper stiffened ultrathin leathers.  These materials
pass the test of time -- make sure they are used.

3. Sometimes it is impossible to quote a price until they actually have the item in hand and
can look at it.  Be sure your person is reputable and 'known' before you ship it and have
them take it apart.

4. Be patient with the repair, some parts are easy to come by, others literally must be
scavenged from other hard-to-find pieces.  It can take a lot of time to do right.

5. Unfortunately, you may find when your repair person opens your box that it is not as it
was represented when sold.  Sometimes parts have been shared among boxes and cages
over the years -- and often poorly retrofit.

Think of this work as 'antique restoration' sometimes of museum quality -- find the right help
or you will reduce the value of your item.

Please get back to us after your restoration is complete to share your feedback on the
restorer and process.  We'll share your learnings with others.
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