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About Us
Reuge Singing Bird in Antiqued Cage - New
(we have redesigned the website -- but it's the same Exquisite! company you have known for more than a decade.  enjoy!)
We are a low volume, high service company and happy to speak
with you live at your convenience.  Complete satisfaction with our
products is our goal.  We  focus on the most exquisite mechanical
musical devices of today and yesterday, including:

  • Singing Birds, Mechanical Birds, and Tabatieres
  • Exquisite and Rare Music Boxes
  • Reuge Music Boxes
  • Antique Cylinder and Disc Music Boxes
  • Le Ore Clocks and Music Boxes
  • Antique Clocks
  • Musical Organs and other Musical Items
  • Automatons, and other intricate mechanical works of significance.

    You will find both brand new items direct from the
    manufacturers with original certificates as well as vintage and
    related antiques.  All items will be clearly labeled new or non-
    new.  If you don't see what you are looking for we can also find
    it for you.

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to sell?

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something which
needs repaired?

About Us